Unlock Your Full Potential With Martial Arts Training At United Black Belt Professionals Unlock Your Full Potential With Martial Arts Training At United Black Belt Professionals

Unlock Your Full Potential with Martial Arts Training at United Black Belt Professionals

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Unlocking The Inner Strength and Character Development with United Black Belt Professionals

Unlocking the Inner Strength: Character Development

We understand that you seek a program that delivers on its promise to nurture character and integrity in your child or yourself. Therefore, we go beyond teaching kicks and punches. We instill values like discipline, respect, and perseverance, empowering our students to make good choices and build a strong foundation for success. Join us to unlock the true potential within you or your child, fostering qualities that will last a lifetime.


Guiding Towards Excellence: Personal Development

Our dedicated instructors act as life coaches, mentoring students to excel academically, personally, and socially. Whether you're a parent seeking positive behavioral changes in your child or an adult looking to enhance your life skills, our program is designed to empower you. Join our Karate family, where we create a supportive community for champions.

Guiding Towards Excellence and Personal Development with United Black Belt Professionals
Academic Development and Success In School And Beyond with United Black Belt Professionals

Academic Development: Success in School and Beyond

Academic excellence is crucial in today's competitive world. Our after-school program extends beyond the dojo to assist students with their homework and assignments, ensuring they excel academically. We understand the importance of balancing Martial Arts with academic achievements and are committed to helping our students thrive in both realms. Join us to unlock the door to academic success, setting your child toward a bright future.





My experience has been nothing but superb with United Black Belt Professionals and with Sensei Jose. My son has been attending classes for over a year and I have seen a significant improvement in his concentration and self esteem. Not only is this place a great environment for teaching children self defense and karate it’s family oriented too.
In addition, the after school program and summer sessions are filled with fun, learning, and activities. I would definitely recommend United Black Belt Professionals.

- Edith Torres-Velez

Jose and his staff are great! They are very dedicated and professional. We’re SO HAPPY we put our son in their program. He has shown great confidence, better social skills and looks forward to training. Will be putting our next son there when he’s old enough to go.

- KP

Love this place. The after school staff is great and helpful with homework. My son always comes home with homework completed and reading done. Three times a week he is part of the karate class; which he loves. The sensei is very patient with the students and always willing to stay after class to do one on one techniques.

- Rusmayris Guillerno

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United Black Belt Professionals offers martial arts training across New York, including Throggs Neck and Country Club Area,
in the Bronx, New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, and White Plains.